Departure and Return


Departure Day - Sunday July 14th

All of our DBC Contingent participants will gather Sunday evening, July 14th at:


Scout Achievement Center

10078 Reading Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241


Each Unit assigned is assigned an arrival time.   Please eat dinner before you are dropped off.  We will have police assisting traffic flow and turns into and out of the SAC driveway.  Parking will be in the UAW parking lot next door to the SAC (this parking lot uses the same SAC driveway).   Participants will have activities, snacks and quiet time/space to rest before boarding busses at about 3AM.  Travel time to the Summit will be about 5 ½ hours.



Return Day - Wednesday, July 24th 


We estimate arriving back home at 3pm.  We will be returning to:


Montgomery Elementary School

9609 Montgomery Rd,

Montgomery, Ohio 45242-7293


Please plan to pick up your participant at this location.  Again, we will have police assisting traffic and turns in and out of this large parking lot.


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