Webelos II Outpost


Outpost is a special overnight program held just for Webelos II campers on the second night of Resident Camp. This is a great opportunity to prepare for their crossover into Boy Scouts...



On the second night of camp, all Webelos II Scouts will have the unique opportunity to follow the staff up into the hills of Cub World and experience Camp Friedlander first hand.  Following this exciting hike, the boys will settle into their own campsite on the edge of Cub World, playing games, learning real Scouting outdoor skills, cooking over a fire, and sleeping out under the stars.  The Outpost activity has been the favorite of older Cub Scouts for many years, and is meant to prepare boys for the more challenging experiences of Boy Scouting ahead.  We ask that leaders do not participate in this event, as this is a great time for the campers to bond with the staff and begin to learn a sense of self-sufficiency and leadership.  The campers will be supervised by adult staff whom will remain in constant contact with the camp management.  Webelos II Scouts will need to bring a backpack, bedroll, water bottle, pocket knife and flashlight for this acitivity. Click here for a list of  What to Bring to Camp .

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