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Visitors and Late Arrivals

All campers, leaders and authorized visitors will be issued camp identification bracelets to be worn at all times while in camp.

All leaders arriving at camp at some time other than check-in must register at the Administration Building and get a camp identification bracelet. It is also important that any leader being replaced signs out, as we must know who is at camp at all times.

All visitors must sign in and sign out at the Camp Office and wear a camp ID bracelet. Any visitor who has not registered may be asked to leave camp. It is important for safety that we know who is visiting our camp and when. Visitors who intend to eat a meal at camp must purchase a meal ticket at the camp office.


Vehicles and Parking

In accordance with BSA policy and safety regulations, personal vehicles are not permitted in camp. Exceptions are made for adults that have a valid state-issued handicap pass. The parking lot is clearly marked and just outside the entrance to camp. Only emergency and maintenance vehicles will be allowed to park at the Administration Building. The Ranger staff will haul camper's gear to their campsites upon arrival. This policy is for the safety of all campers. Parents who might be visiting camp should be made aware of this important policy. We appreciate your cooperation in parking only in designated areas.


Smoking and Alcohol

Cub World is a non-smoking facility. Smoking or tobacco use in front of any camper, leader, or staff member is strictly prohibited. The only designated smoking area in camp is at the bridge closest to the river in the treeline behind the dining pavailion. Alcoholic beverages are never permitted on Boy Scout property. Please help the camp enforce these rules by making sure all leaders and parents in your troop are aware of this policy.


Camp Rules

A few camp rules apply for the safety and comfort of all campers:

  • The Little Miami River and lowland area around its banks are off limits. The staff may lead nature hikes in this areas, but campers are not permitted near the river without a staff member.
  • Please do not run on the gravel roads.
  • Rocks don't have wings, so please don't try to make them fly.
  • Please do not climb on Francis, our Big Boy statue.
  • The Buddy System is enforced at all times - Scouts should never wander camp alone.

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