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There's plenty more going on throughout the week at Camp Friedlander.  Check out all the great activities and programs we have planned for Scouts and adults...




An important leadership position in every troop is the Chaplain Aide.  These Scouts help lead troop religious services and insure a tone of reverence is kept at troop functions.  Chaplain Aides will be trained by our camp Chaplain to help them take their position to its full potential.



Chaplaincy and Religious Services

The twelfth point of the Scout Law is “A Scout is Reverent.”  Every Scout is encouraged to fulfill his religious obligations while attending camp.  The summer camp staff will include a Resident Chaplain who will give leadership to our Sunday night non-denominational religious service and serve as an on-site counselor to Scouts in need.  Nestled in a grove of evergreen trees, the chapel will be an oasis for reflective inspiration.

We at Camp Friedlander believe very strongly in a religious awareness at our camp.  Your Chaplain is there to add a spiritual element to the camp, as well as make sure all the boys are comfortable during their stay.  A Camp Chaplain will be available for counseling and can be contacted very easily.  We will accommodate any program or food restrictions due to religious beliefs.  We do ask that if you have any such restrictions that you please inform us in writing at least two weeks ahead of time so that we can be adequately prepared to meet your needs.

Scouts have the opportunity to earn the Camp Friedlander Duty to God award.  This is a four-part program in which a Scout may earn a subsequent level of the award each time he attends camp.

Each morning a prayer service will be held to help each Scout start the day with a spiritual presence.  This brief service will be held between breakfast and the first program period of the day.  All are welcome!

On Wednesday night, the camp will offer a Catholic service, a Portestant service, and an LDS service at varying locations around camp.  Local Priests and Ministers will be visiting the camp to provide denomination-specific leadership for these services.  We encourage your Scouts to worship with others of their faith at these special services.  Exact times and locations will be announced upon your arrival.