Merit Badge Schedule


The Camp Friedlander merit badge and program schedule is organized to help Scouts make the most out of all the offered activities...

The 2015 merit badge and program schedule IS NOW AVAILABLE!


Most classes are 50 minute sessions, however, some of the more involved programs, such as the Archery and Climbing merit badges, require 90 minute sessions. Advanced programs such as COPE  are held in three-hour blocks. All classes, unless otherwise noted on the schedule, are scheduled Monday through Friday.

Click here to download a copy of the 2015 Merit Badge and Program Schedule sorted by merit badge. This document lists all of the times and days of each merit badge class and other scheduled programs. This information should be made available to every Scout so they can plan their merit badge choices practically.

Scouts can plan their daily activities by using the Scout Activity Record. This form will allow them to see how their schedule will look for the week with the classes they have chosen.

Additional Views:

     Merit Badges by Area

     Merit Badge Time Schedule