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Boy Scout Adavancement

CS2N Offers Free Resources for Robotics Merit Badge and Computer Programming


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Boy Scout Resources!

CS2N offers free training and resources specifically for Boy Scouts earning the Boy Scout Robotics Merit Badge.  Scouts can download a 60 day copy of the Robot Virtual World Software, plenty of time to complete the Robotics Merit Badge.  There is a CS2N Course specifically designed for scouts and scout leaders to help boys earn the badge.              

CS2N has lots of other activities that scouts can use to earn other Merit Badges and activities! The links below will describe the activity and take you to the training material and software where Boy Scouts can learn how to:


Boy Scout Leaders and Merit Badge Counselors

CS2N is eager to support you as a merit badge counselor.  Merit Badge Counselor classes are offered on a need basis.  Classes will be held using WebEx distance learning technology.  If you are interested in participating in a class please select the feedback tab at the left and send us a note. 

CS2N resources are also designed to support the emerging Computer Science Programming Merit Badge.    Starting in October you will be able to use the CS2N infrastructure to develop your own themed StoryTelling and Animation or Web Development activities.  To learn more, go to the custom competitions page. >


Boy Scout Advancement


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scout ranksThe Boy Scout Advancement Program is subtle. It places a series of challenges in front of a Scout in a manner that is fun and educational to a boy. As Scouts meet these challenges, they achieve the aims of Boy Scouting. A boy advances and grows in the Boy Scout program in the same way a plant grows by receiving nourishment in the right environment. The job of adults concerned with advancement is to provide the right environment.

One of the greatest needs of boys is confidence. There are three kinds of confidence that boys need: in themselves, in peers, and in leaders. Educators and counselors agree that the best way to build confidence is through measurement. Self-Confidence is developed by measuring up to a challenge or a standard. Peer Confidence develops when the same measuring system is used for everyone – when all must meet the same challenges to receive equal recognition. Confidence in Leaders comes about when there is consistency in measuring – when leaders use a single standard of fairness.

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Boy Scout Steps to Advancement


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boy scout stepsThere are four main steps to Boy Scout Advancement. A Boy Scout advances from Tenderfoot to Eagle by doing things with his patrol and his troop, with his leaders and on his own. Adult leaders are an essential part of this process as they promote and ensure that advancement is earned. It’s easy for a Scout to advance if the following four opportunities are provided for him.

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Troop Advancement Goals


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scoutmaster patchThe Scoutmaster must be the spark plug of the troop. It is necessary that he understand the purpose of the advancement program and the importance it has in the development of the Scouts in his troop. The troop’s program must provide advancement opportunities. By participating in the troop program, the Scout will meet requirements for rank advancement.

The troop’s unit commissioner and the district advancement committee can play an important part in explaining advancement and helping the Scoutmaster utilize the advancement program in the troop program, making it exciting to the boys in his troop.

It is important that the troop committee and the Scoutmaster set an advancement goal for the year. A basic goal should be for each boy to advance a rank during the year. New Scouts should earn the First Class rank during their first year in the troop. By doing so, these new Scouts become net contributors to the troop and are able to care for themselves and others. When reviewed monthly by the troop committee, Scouts will recognize the importance of the advancement. Troops should conduct boards of review for boys who are not advancing. A minimum of four formal courts of honor a year (one every three months) should be held to formally recognize the boys in the troop.

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Age Requirements


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scout age eaglesBoy’s awards are for boys. Merit Badges, badges of rank, and Eagle Palms are for registered Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, or qualified Venturers (youth that are registered in Cub Scouting cannot earn awards in the Boy Scout program). Any registered Boy Scout or Varsity Scout may earn these awards until his 18th birthday. Another common misconception concerns "bridging" Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts before they are 10 and half years old. The Arrow of Light award is awarded based upon age or academic grades. However a youth must still meet the 10 and a half age requirements if he is academically advanced. Earning the Arrow of Light award at an early age is not an automatic advancement into the Boy Scouts Program.

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