By National BSA Standards, a Council must be in complete control of any information posted on its web site.

So the short answer to this question is – everything. However, there are typically only several approved people on the Council’s web site team, called Site Administrators, that have the authority to control and see the private information on your unit’s Home Page.

The Council may also curtail or deny a unit the privilege of using any, or all, the unit Home Page features on this web site for any reason whatsoever. Typcial reasons may be, but not limited to, not complying with Council, National or Youth Protection standards, posting inappropriate material, or in any other way abusing its privelege to host a unit Home Page on this web site.

By using the Unit Home Page features on this web site, you understand and accept that Site Administrators may see any and all content on your unit’s Home Page and may control and revoke your unit’s web site privileges at any time. You also agree that your unit is responsible for managing its own security settings which control how people access your unit’s information.