In June of each year, the council will mail each unit’s Committee Chairman with a Unit Account balance statement.  This is to ensure that your unit’s records match the council’s and to inform you of the funds held by the council in the case of leadership changes.

With the statement is a form to verify authorization of who may access your Unit Account funds.  The unit’s Committee Chairman, Chartered Organization Representative, and Unit Leader (Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Crew Advisor, Post Advisor) automatically have authorization, but you may name additional registered leaders.  Most units find it helpful to also authorize their treasurer.

In addition, you may select to authorize your District Executive to use your Unit Account at their discretion for registration fees.  This is for your convenience only, so that in the occasional case where there is a minor difference between money due and money paid for any registration-related costs, you will not need to be contacted to authorize the use of the Unit Account.  The District Executive will not have authorization for any other purchases except registration costs.  If you choose this option, you will receive a notification from the Council Registrar if there is a transaction to the contact person of your choosing (usually your unit’s treasurer).

To make changes to your Unit Account authorization, please contact the receptionists at the Scout Achievement Center at (513)577-7700 during normal business hours. They can also provide you with transaction history or answer any other questions you may have.