Check back in April for the 2022 Camp Friedlander Menu!

The meal program at Camp Friedlander is designed to offer campers more than enough food to keep everyone full and sustain increased activity levels.  It is also designed to offer variety at each meal, and limit waste from unwanted food. 

As a part of our limited waste initiative, we have created a meal program that has multiple menu tracks at each meal.  Every meal has Serving Line Options, Self-Serve Options, and Seconds are available for both.  These options allow campers to get food from both every option if they wish and can go back for seconds if they are still hungry.  However, it limits waste by allowing campers to pass on food options that do not appeal to their tastes and would ultimately throw away.  More detail about these options and the full menu are available below.

Every meal has a Serving Line Option that includes entrees and sides, including fresh fruit.  Campers that take every item offered from the serving line will receive approximately 2000 calories per day.  These meals are hot options that have been certified by a Registered Dietician.  Seconds are always available for those campers that desire more of the entrée or certain sides.

Also available at each meal are Self-Serve Options that campers eat in addition to, or instead of, the food on the Serving Line.  These include everything from oatmeal, yogurt, or cereal at breakfast, to soup & bread bars at lunch, or pasta bars at dinner.  Meals also include salad bars and the camp staple, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for the picky eaters.  Campers can also take seconds, or thirds, from these options if they have a busy day ahead of them. 

No camper should ever go hungry at the Camp Friedlander Dining Hall if they take advantage of all the options available at each meal.  And providing meals in this manner has allowed Camp Friedlander to increase the amount of food per camper and increase variety, all while decreasing waste.

Questions? Please contact Alex Reitz, Camping Director, at 513-505-6978 or