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Scouts are active. They go places. They build things. Make friends and work together. Set goals and achieve them. These life-changing experiences–and the confidence they provide–form a foundation that lets them embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles. For the parents, it’s not a question of where their Scout will go, but where they won’t go. Scouting helps boys and girls alike move from their best “right now” self to their best future self.

Thank you to these professionals and community leaders who gave their time and talent to Scouting.

2021 Executive Committee

Council President/Chair of the Board
Robert C. Taylor, Grant Thornton

Council Commissioner
Joseph Waller, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Andrew V. Zahn, Dan Beard Council

Vice President at Large
Douglas J. Bolton, Cincinnati Cares

Vice President Marketing
Amy Gath, Formica Corporation

Vice President Administration
Charles F. Hertlein, Jr., Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP

Vice President Field Service
Irv Kieback, Pragmatic Consultants LLC

Vice President Development
Mike Lakin, Horan

Vice President Program
Bryce Lenox, Attorney at Law

Vice President Outreach
Robert McDonald, Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP

Vice President Properties
Mike Schneider, Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.

Council Treasurer
Michael Sims, TruGreen, Inc.

Immediate Past Chair
Edgar L. Smith, Jr., World Pac Paper, LLC

Vice President Operations
Steve Weigand, Faruki Ireland & Cox, PLL

Vice President Membership
Judd Weis, Cincinnati Consulting Consortium

2021 Board of Directors

Douglas C. Adams
Jon Beeson
Pam Beigh
Chip Brown
David Bruno
Andy Butler
Evan Clinkenbeard
Chris Elma
Donald J. Feldmann
Molly Flanagan
Stephanie Gaither
Jeffrey Geeding
George Glover
Mark Guilfoyle
Dave Harmon
Aric Hassel
Marion Haynes

Alan Henning
Christopher S. Houser
Casey Jones
Jon Kerr
Steve Korach
Bill Krausen
Greg Livingston
Moira Lyon
Marc Manly
Mike Mattingly
Laura Mitchell
Amy Murray
Megan Ossenbeck
Chris Patterson
Mark Pomeroy
Monica Posey
Ashwin Ramprasad

Rob Reifsnyder
Brent Rippe
Harold Shevers, Jr.
Doug Siebenburgen
Scott Snow
Rick Stiens
John S. Stith
Joel Stone
Doug Studer
Susan Whitman
Rick Wiggers
James Willams
Benjamin A. Willingham
Barry Wilson
Jason Wolz
Craig S. Young

District Chairman

Juilette Dame
Mark Holcomb
John Scott
Andrá Ward

2021 Advisory Board

Daniel L. Baker
John F. Barrett
Greg Battle
Chris Bergman
Donald B. Bush
William P. Butler
Wayne Carlisle
Bill Carruthers

Gene Fugate
Richard Homan
Terry Horan
Gary “Doc” Huffman
Garry J. Huysse
Jack Kraeutler
Keith Lawrence
Craig F. Maier

Bill Palmer
Phil Present
Scott Ready
Joseph L. Rippe, Jr.
Mike Rohrkemper
Louis F. Terhar
George Vincent

10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 577-7700 | 1-888-360-8572 | www.danbeard.org

All inquiries should be directed to Julie Whitaker, Senior Marketing Executive, at (513) 577-7699 or email at julie.whitaker@scouting.org.