Summer Camp Refund Form

Please review the 2020 Program Offerings and refund options with your unit.

The Refund Request Survey has closed. Those who did not submit a request will receive a full refund (option 4).

Refund Options for 2020 Resident Camp Reservations

  1. Rollover to 2021 Summer CampMove any payments that you’ve made to next year. With this option, your campsite will be reserved for 2021 plus you’ll lock-in 2021 camp at the 2020 price.

  2. Apply Funds to 2020 Adventures This allows funds paid to be put toward one of our program offerings this summer. After that program has concluded, any extra balance will be returned to the unit.

  3. 2021 Campsite Deposit, with Balance Refunded – This option is for Scouts BSA troops only, and it allows the troop to roll their campsite deposit to 2021. All other payments will be refunded. Note: This option does not qualify for any 2021 campers for 2020 pricing. 

  4. Full Refund – This option is a full refund of any payments made.

  5. Mix-n-Match – We recognize that no single option may suit every unit, so we have a hybrid option. Units can elect to request a full refund for a certain number of reservation slots and rollover the remaining reservation slots to 2021.

If your camp reservation was made through your pack or troop, we ask that you work through your pack or troop to select your option or request a refund.