varsity_logovarsity_logoVarsity Leader Position Specific Training is designed to provide training specific to each area of the Varsity program. These courses are taught by informed trainers who know how to engage groups and make learning fun. These courses are offered by the district or council as group training, or may be done as small groups or by personal coaching. Prior to taking this training, leaders should complete Youth Protection Training and This is Scouting. While Youth Protection is a requirement, This Is Scouting is only a highly recommended course to understand Scouting better.

Varsity Coaches and Assistant Varsity Coaches training shows you how to teach Varsity Scouts how to lead their own Team. This course includes three sessions, usually completed all in the same day.

The three sessions will cover:

  • The Role of the Coach in the Team
  • The Outdoor/Sports Program and the Advancement Program
  • Program Planning and Team Administration

In addition, each session provides training specific to that leader position. If you are entering a different position in the Team, attend the Position Specific Training for that position.