STEM Program FAQ

Q:Where do you find the requirements for the Nova Awards?
A:Basic requirements can be found at, complete requirements can be found in the Nova Awards guidebooks available from your local Scout Shop
Q:Can Tiger Cubs work on the Nova Awards program?
A:No, it begins with the Wolf den.
Q:Can youth get credit for a previously earned merit badge, belt loop, or pin?
A:Yes, but we do encourage Scouts to consider earning new ones so they can explore new interests.
Q:Who is eligible to serve as a Nova Awards counselor?
A:A Nova Awards counselor must be age 21 or older and be registered under the Nova Awards counselor position code 58. This is a nonunit position and requires no fee. Training will be available online in fall 2013
Q:Can a Nova Awards counselor be the Scout’s parent?
A:Yes, but the parent needs to follow the guidelines for becoming a counselor found here
Q:Whom do I contact to find a council-approved Supernova Awards mentor?
A:Contact your local council for a list of mentors.
Q:Who can be a Supernova Awards mentor?
A:A Supernova Awards mentor must be age 21 or older, be a subject matter expert in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) field, and be registered under the Supernova Awards mentor position code 52.
Q:What does a SuperNova mentor have to complete to be registered?
A:Yes, for someone to become a SuperNova mentor they must complete a BSA Adult application, the SuperNova mentor application found at, and provide proof of having taken BSA Youth Protection Training.
Q:Is there training available for Nova Mentors?
A:Yes, training information can be found at Scroll down the page to ‘STEM Orientation”, there is a self-study PowerPoint and an instructor guide.
Q:If I am already registered under another position, do I need to fill out another application to be a Supernova Awards mentor?
A:Yes, you are required to be registered in this position and you will be dual-registered.
Q:To whom do I send my Supernova Awards Mentor Information application?
A:Send your application to your local council service center.
Q:Once a youth has fulfilled the requirements for the Nova Award, what is the next step?
A:Fill out an advancement form, Supply catalog # 34403 available at the proper signatures, or use internet advancement to record this and submit a copy to your local council.
Q:What does a Scout receive when a Nova award is completed?
A:When a Scout completes their first Nova award they should be presented the Nova Emblem for their program level. For each Nova award earned after the first they should be presented a Pi pin to wear on their emblem.
Q:Once a Scout has completed the requirements for a Supernova award what is the next step?
A:You must obtain all necessary signatures, applicant (Scout), mentor, unit leader, Council or District Advancement Chair, and Scout Executive. You can find the SuperNova mentor application here:
Q:Once I have all the signatures what is the next step?
A:Once all signatures have been obtained the council will return the application to the unit. The unit then completes an advancement form, Supply catalog # 34403, or enters the data into the internet advancement system, prints a copy of the report, and takes it to the Scout Shop to purchase the presentation items.
Q:Are there PAS codes for the Nova Awards program?
A:Yes. Typically for council use only, they are as follows:
1030 YAWD Nova Cub Scouts: Science Everywhere
1031 YAWD Nova Cub Scouts: Tech Talk
1032 YAWD Nova Cub Scouts: Swing!
1033 YAWD Nova Cub Scouts: 1-2-3-Go!
1034 YAWD Nova Boy Scouts: Shoot!
1035 YAWD Nova Boy Scouts: Start Your Engines
1036 YAWD Nova Boy Scouts: Whoosh!
1037 YAWD Nova Boy Scouts: Designed to Crunch
1038 YAWD Nova Venturers: Launch!
1039 YAWD Nova Venturers: Power Up
1040 YAWD Nova Venturers: Hang On!
1041 YAWD Nova Venturers: Numbers Don’t Lie
1042 YAWD Supernova Cub Scouts: Dr. Alvarez
1043 YAWD Supernova Webelos: Dr. Townes
1044 YAWD Supernova Boy Scouts: Dr. Harris-Br
1045 YAWD Supernova Boy Scouts: Edison-Silver
1046 YAWD Supernova Venturing: Dr. Ride-Bronz
1047 YAWD Supernova Venturing: Wright Bro-Sil
Q:Where can I obtain the “presentation items” (emblems, pins, and medals)?
A:These items are available at your local Scout shop with an Advancement Report (34403) or a copy of the printed report from internet advancement. You can also order online, and follow up by submitting an Advancement Report to your local council.
Q:Will any more Nova modules be released?
A:There has been nothing new has been released since the first publication.