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The Spook-O-Ree is a family Halloween event for everyone! Take your pick of evenings and join the thousands of families that will venture out to Cub World for Halloween fun in a safe, family-friendly environment at a cost that fits just about any budget. The Spook-O-Ree is packed with activities including hayrides, storytelling, the haunted castle, midway games, the haunted trail, and more! Come as a pack, a den, or as a family. And everyone is invited, so bring your friends!

For more information or questions, please contact Michael Stamat at (513) 577-7694 or

The Spook-O-Ree is an easy event to enjoy. Unlike many Scouting events, the evening is very casual, so don’t expect a set schedule of activities. You are encouraged to wander around the Spook-O-Ree and participate as you like. Whether you are coming as a pack, a den, or a family, we want you to get the most out of the evening, so we’ve prepared some tips to help you get ready…

Youth (ages 4 – 17)

Pre-registered: $10
At the door: $14

Adults (over 18)


Young Children (3 and under)



TRICK OR TREAT- Looking for a safe and fun way to go trick-or-treating all night long? Avoid the hazards of traffic, strangers, and other dangers and do your trick-or-treating at the Spook-O-Ree this year. Visit the Cub World Fort, where kids can go door to door and fill up their sacks with some tasty treats (and maybe a trick or two). This is the perfect way to take your family trick-or-treating with no worries. Behind each door will be a character with plenty of candy to share, including all the favorites and even chocolate candy bars.

HAUNTED CASTLE – The Cub World castle is being haunted by ghouls and goblins! Do you dare venture in to see the spooky scenes awaiting you? Tour each room and up and around the top of the castle and get a scare. The haunted castle will be open after dark and running continuously throughout the evening. Once you enter the haunted castle, follow the path up, down, and around and see what’s happening in each room. This activity may not be appropriate for younger children, as their may be some frightening scenes – beware!

HALLOWEEN HAYRIDE – Take an adventurous hayride through some of the less visited areas of camp! See the camp staff in costumes putting on some magical (and spooky!) Halloween scenes. This activity is one of the very favorites of the Spook-O-Ree and you certainly won’t want to miss it! One of the Spook-O-Ree staff will be your guide along the trail, telling you stories about the scenes you’ll see. The hayride will last about 20 minutes and will run continuously during the evening.  The last hayride will leave at 9:40pm. This year we will have more hay wagons, shorter lines, and more fun!

HAUNTED TRAIL – The ghosts and creepy things that haunt the Little Miami River come out to play at Spook-O-Ree! Venture into the woods and get a scare. Spooky lighting, creepy fog, and mysterious scenes will be found along your way. Beware of monsters that jump and scream — Keep in mind that the haunted trail might be a little too intense for the younger ones.

COSTUME CONTEST – At the Spook-O-Ree, everyone is encouraged to wear their best Halloween costume (adults too!). Part of the fun of the Spook-O-Ree is seeing all your Cub Scout friends in their great costumes. During the event, contestants should stop by the booth at the midway to have their picture taken and enter in the judging. At 9pm, all the contestants will gather at by the Storytelling campfire for the winners to be announced.

Veteran Tips

  • Expect to be busy: there’s lot’s going on all night long, and you may want to plan your evening in advance to make sure you hit all of your family’s favorite activities.
  • Be aware that some activities don’t start until dark. The haunted castle and haunted trail require darkness to set the right mood, so they won’t be open right away.
  • Expect a crowd. Each year, the Spook-O-Ree gets bigger and bigger — more families, more activities, and more fun! There may be quite a crowd, but don’t worry, everything is designed for lots of people to enjoy each event without much waiting.
  • Expect rain or shine. We can plan out everything except the weather — make sure and watch the forecast leading up to your chosen evening and be prepared with rain gear and boots if it looks like it’s going to get wet.
  • You may want to bring extra cash. 10 tickets are included with the price of admission for each paying youth. Tickets are valued at 25 cents each. If you think you’ll want to purchase more food or game tickets, you may want to bring extra cash. A credit/debit card can be used at one of the ticket booths.

Spook-O-Ree Preparation Guide

To help answer your questions and help you get this most out the Spook-O-Ree, we have prepared a document with some tips and suggestions. Click here to download the Spook-O-Ree Preparation Guide. This guide has information on the check-in process and a short explanation of each activity. It is designed to give parents and leaders attending the event a quick rundown of the event including costs, activities times, and just about everything else they need to know.

We encourage you to to share this document with all adults and parents attending the event so they’ll have a better idea of what to expect. You might find it helpful to email this document to all your pack parents, or to direct them to the main Spook-O-Ree page at

Event Map

To get a sneak peek at the event, take a look at the Spook-O-Ree event map by clicking the image below: