Popcorn Unit Kickoff

The Popcorn Kickoff sets the tone for your entire Popcorn Sale. Motivated Scouts and, more importantly, motivated parents are the key to a successful sale. Have fun! Give away prizes and more.

Use the Unit Kickoff handout from the rally (or online) to help plan your kickoff. Here are a few helpful notes as well.



First, help parents to understand that popcorn is more than just another fundraiser. Popcorn is also about Advancement and practicing life skills. Help them see that their Scout will gain self-confidence, set goals, and learn the value of a dollar earned.

Second, explain to parents that if the unit gives it all for just a couple of weeks, they can fund the entire year of fun activities.


Find some fun ways to incorporate the theme that will make it exciting for your Scouts. Think of fun and creative things you can do at Popcorn Kickoff such as mini binoculars, treasure maps, having a cardboard cut-out, have adventure themed candy or rock candy and games to play.

Computer at home cub scout


This year, you may need to have a virtual kickoff for your popcorn sale. But you can still have tons of fun! You can still give prizes away, get Scouts excited about selling, and teach them how they can sell online or in safe ways. You can find many virtual resources at Scouting At Home such as online communication tools, digital safety guidelines, and Zoom background images! Click here for details!


Welcome – Do a Popcorn Cheer or Skit. Dress up as an Explorer.

Review the Pack’s Planned Program Activities

  • Show a few pictures of fun last year
  • Talk about the fun at Pack meetings & awards

Pay For It All with Popcorn

  • The importance of a Family/Scout Goal
  • Pack Goal: Talk about what you can do if you reach the goal

What the Family Gets Out of Popcorn

  • Free Activities – Free Camping
  • Free Registration
  • Goal = Nothing out of parent’s pocket

Separate Scouts and Parents

  • Teach the parents about the importance of popcorn
  • Setup some fun popcorn games for the kids.

End with a FUN spotlight. Whip Cream Pie for the leader!