App Tips - Storefront Transactions

Your main homescreen when you login to the app.

Click the Storefront tab or the app may auto take you here if you are at the storefront. This screen is your summary.  You can see your sales and the totals from everyone at the storefront with you by clicking orders or the “i” info popup button.

Click Start Storefront Sale to record a sale.

The popcorn product menu will appear and let you add items to the cart by clicking the + button. 

To remove an item, click the – button.

Click view order summary to checkout.

The app may prompt the customer if they want to add a donation to the order. 

Confirm the order looks correct.  Subtract an item if necessary or proceed forward by clicking Take Payment at the bottom. 

First enter in the customers information by clicking the record customer info.  All that is required is a name, but you can add other details if necessary.

Then select the payment type, cash or credit card.  If your square device is either bluetooth paired or plugged in to swipe, the app will prompt you to swipe the card on the next screen.  There is also an option to manually enter the card if you cannot swipe it.