2016 Unit Commission Plan

Base Commission for 2016 Popcorn Sales = 29% Commission

-Attend Popcorn University + 1% Commission

-Develop a Sale Plan and Budget + 1% Commission

-Hold a Unit Kickoff + 1% Commission

Doing all of the above =  32% Commission

*BONUS 3% Commission for surpassing containers sold last year (on that portion of the sale only).  An example would be: A unit sold 30 containers in 2015.  In 2016 they do all the action items to get 32% commission and they sell 50 containers.  On the additional 20 containers they will receive 35% commission.  The bonus commission will be sent as a separate check.

**You can choose to recognize your Scouts with your own prizes by opting out of the Popcorn Prize Program for + 3% more Commission.