Who should exhibit at Peterloon?

Exhibitors have included outdoor gear companies, high adventure groups such as rafting or caving, the FBI, Police, Fire, EMS services, the U.S. Coast Guard, home improvement stores, chess clubs, fly fishing demos, bicycle shops, and limited number of food vendors.

With the exception of food vendors, or with prior approval, exhibitors are free to promote their message at their location but not expected to sell merchandise. Scouts will only have limited funds for food and snacks with them during the weekend. Coupons and information may be given out.

The theme this year is Mission Possible. We do request that you provide some type of Scout activity of challenge at your location to challenge the Scout’s knowledge or ability. Many activities can be used to fulfill part of at Merit Badge requirement. If you need help deciding on an activity, or want to discuss it further, please feel free to call or write Mark Bishop markbishop15@gmail.com, we’ll be happy to help. If you need any volunteer help at the event, limited volunteers may be available on a first-come basis. We will be able to help with move-in/out since vehicle traffic is controlled and limited inside of the event.

What should I expect when I arrive at Peterloon?

When you arrive at Dan Beard Council’s Cub World/ Lower Craig on Saturday morning, you will pass several thousand Scouts arranged in hundreds of campsites in several fields referred to as Lower Camp Craig. Crossing the bridge into Cub World you enter the Midway area where you will most likely be setting up for the day. At roughly 9am, more than 5,000 Scouts and leaders cross the bridge, passing thought the Midway and eventually on to the Activity Fields. We expect, based on prior events, that the Midway will see most of the heavy traffic in the morning, noon and late afternoon. Since all exhibitors arrive in a short window of time, please arrive before 7:30am. Always be prepared for the possibility of inclimate weather. Scouts will arrive and participate, rain or shine!

Is there a fee for exhibitors?

There is no official fee charged for this years’ event, although Food Vendors will be asked to provide a reasonable share of meals to staff members. We believe this is a great opportunity to showcase your message or business to thousands of Scouts and leaders at one location in one full-day event. We hope you’ll take some time to explore Peterloon while you are here and see first hand how Scouting benefits our youth.

Are there opportunities for promotion?

We have provided a few opportunities for additional promotion which are listed below. Your support is always appreciated.