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Job Summary

The main objectives of the Outdoor Program Assistant are to support and assist the outdoor program and camping programs of the Dan Beard Council. Through close collaboration with the Camping Executive, this position will manage and organize information and data necessary for the successful planning and operation of summer camps, camp rentals, and outdoor activities.

Principal Responsibilities

1. Build, maintain, and manage the summer camp (Camp Friedlander, Cub World, and Day Camp) registration process including working with online registration systems, reporting attendance figures, tracking payment and account balances, and communicating registration information to summer camp staff.

2. Create and revise camp-related publications with current information and promotional messaging. These items may include brochures, leader guides, flyers, webpages, and email communications.

3. Build, maintain, and manage registration processes for council outdoor programs including Peterloon, Trade Skills Weekends, Spook-O-Ree, COPE and Climbing trainings, and similar events.

4. Assist with the summer camp staff hiring process including employment application collection, interview scheduling, applicant and employee data management, preparing letters of employment, and managing letter of employment tracking and collection.

5. Assist with the support of the Council Camping Committee and Council Property Committees including meeting material preparation, roster records, reports, email communications and other items as assigned.

6. General administrative support tasks including typing, letters, reports, mailings, data entry, calcutation, proofing, presentation development, and other tasks to help increase the productivity of the executive staff.

7. Provide excellent customer service to internal and external customers, working as a positive representative of the council and the BSA.

8. Establish and maintain filing and record-keeping systems.

9. Other duties as assigned.

Additional Responsibilities

1. Working with a team mentality, assist with group projects and tasks necessary for the administration of the council as available. Such projects may include large mailings, packet stuffing, etc., and will be coordinated by the Office Manager.

2. Complete regular daily assignments as assigned related to cash-handling and mail opening procedures that require separation of duties and multiple hands. These assignments will be made by the Office Manager.

Regular Hours and Time Tracking

Regular working hours for the Outdoor Program Assistant are Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. A 60-minute lunch period and a morning and afternoon break, not to exceed 15 minutes each, are scheduled in coordination with the Office Manager. Time worked is tracked by the employee and approved by the Office Manager. Time off requests are submitted to the Office Manager, following the policy as described in the Employee Handbook. Overtime hours and any time to be worked outside of the regular working hours stated above must be pre-approved by the Office Manager.