Thank you for registering your unit to attend Peterloon this year!  We are getting close to event and excited to have your unit join us. Please see new information about Peterloon 2016 as well as a few general reminders about the event below.

Items to Bring (Forms and items you might consider bringing to Peterloon 2016)

In addition to your camping and general needs, here are a few things you’ll either need or may want to recommend.
Forms (Remember you’ll need forms for Unit Roster, Volunteers, and Climbing Tower/Aquatics activities for each participant) Other items to recommend: a blank T-Shirt for make your own t-shirt, disc for frisbee golf, personal item to be branded (hat, belt, leather), cash for optional Eagle or Airplane Kit ($5) to weld together, Peterloon swag, and/or food at Food Court.

See What to Expect at Peterloon 2016

Make sure to visit the website www.danbeard.org/Peterloon.  There you can download the Map of Activities and Peterloon Guide.  Every participant will get a map in the check-in packet, but you’ll want to bring a copy of the Peterloon Guide to refer to.


The Peterloon Guide is your one-stop source for find information useful in preparing for Peterloon including information about camping and campsites, logistics including arrival, departure, busing, etc., and general information about Peterloon.

Click here to download the archived 2014 Peterloon Guide (1.5MB)

Arrival at Peterloon (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 3)

General Parking for Peterloon is at I-275 and Ward’s Corner Road (Exit #54). Turn right off the exit and proceed to the Peterloon Remote Parking Area.  All passenger vehicles will park here for the weekend and participants shuttled to the event site.  Shuttles will run on Friday from 2 pm to 10:45 pm and 7 am – 10:45 pm on Saturday.

Parking at Peterloon (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 3)

There is limited space for handicapped parking and key event staff/ exhibitors on-site at Peterloon.  Vehicles in these spaces must have the appropriate pass displayed at all times throughout the event.  *Please note: Vehicles parked without this pass will be towed off-site.  Vehicle owners will be responsible for fees associated with retrieval of their vehicle.


Dropping Off Gear (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 3)

Units will be allowed access to the Peterloon campsites beginning Thursday, October 9th at noon.  We highly recommenddropping your unit trailer in your site on Thursday evening or Friday morning if possible.  Beginning at 2:00 pm on Friday, only vehicles displaying a cargo pass will be admitted into Peterloon.  Each unit will be issued 2 cargo passes (enclosed) for cargo hauling vehicles to enter the campsites.  After unloading, cargo vehicles must return to the off-site parking lot until Peterloon concludes on Sunday.

Checking In at Peterloon 
(Peterloon Guide, Chapters 2 & 3)

Your unit has been assigned a sub-camp and campsite based on the order of registration and size of your group.  Upon arrival, your unit will be directed to your campsite.  You can view the campsite maps with unit assignments at www.danbeard.org/peterloon under the “Maps/ Directions” tab.  One unit leader should report to the sub-camp headquarters tent (a 20×20 enclosed tent) for check-in.  Your unit is required to turn in a Peterloon specific attendance roster (enclosed) and will be issued wristbands for every participant.  Volunteers or visitors on Saturday must check-in at the visitor/volunteer booth in front of the administration building.

Campsite Fire and Wood Ban (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 6)

Due to the very close proximity of each campsite, Peterloon will NOT have individual campsite wood fires of any type.
Back in 2016 – Sub-Camp Fires: Every sub-camp will have one campfire that is created and maintained by the Honor Troop who is administering the sub-camp.  All wood will be provided for these fires.
The fire ban above does not extend to charcoal cooking which is allowed as long as no wood is added to the fire, the charcoal is contained in an appropriate pit up off the ground, and the ashes are properly disposed of (must be put out with water).  Keeping with our firewood policy to help with our continual fight against invasive species, we ask that no wood be brought into camp at all.  Due to this restriction, there will be no Peterloon Gateway Contest in 2016.  Units that wish to bring a gateway may do so if they wish.  If the gateway is made of wood, it must be stripped of its bark and sealed.

Saturday Volunteers and Volunteer Support (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 6)

As in the past, each unit is asked to provide 2 volunteers on Saturday to assist with the administration of the various activities and services at Peterloon.  Did you know it takes over 500 adult volunteers to help deliver Peterloon?  Saturday Volunteers should check in at the Volunteer Tent located at the front of the Cub World Administration Building at either 8 am for morning shifts or 12 pm for afternoon shifts.  Volunteers will be asked to fill supporting roles at various activities.  If your unit is already engaged in delivering a specific activity or service at Peterloon, you do not need to provide additional volunteers, but any additional support is welcomed.  If you are able to submit your Saturday unit volunteers prior to the event, it would greatly aid our planning.  You may do so with the online volunteer form found at www.danbeard.org/Peterloon/Volunteer.  We also need additional volunteers on Friday for Peterloon pre-setup and arrival and Sunday for departure.  Non-camping, general help volunteers may register to volunteer at www.danbeard.org/PeterloonVolunteer up until Wednesday, Oct. 5th.

Activities at Peterloon (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 4)

Beginning at 9 am on Saturday, Scouts can participate in a wide variety of activities and demonstrations in the Peterloon Action Center.  Scouts should plan to be out of the campsite for the majority of the day and are encouraged to travel with water, sunscreen, and any additional items they may need.  If your Scouts are participating in activities at the Climbing Tower or Aquatics Activities, they will be required to turn in proper certification/forms at that event (forms online).  Please make sure they bring these form with them.

Trading Post (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 6)

There will be three Trading Posts at Peterloon this year, offering everything from snacks and drinks to custom Peterloon merchandise.  Trading Posts will be open on Friday evening and throughout the day on Saturday.  The Camp Friedlander Trading Post will also be open this year at various times throughout the weekend.

Food Court (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 6)

Food vendors (such as Goldstar Chili, Midwest Best BBQ, and LaRosa’s in Cub World and Food Trucks such as Waffo’s, Legasea, and Dojo Gelato in Camp Friedlander) will be on-site if you would like to purchase lunch.  $5-$10 will be sufficient for lunch and a drink. The food court will be open from approximately 10:30 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday.

Sunday Departure (Peterloon Guide, Chapter 5)

A Scout is Reverent.  Therefore, busses will begin shuttling people back to their vehicles at the conclusion of religious services at 10 am.  Cargo hauling vehicles will be allowed to enter the Peterloon campsites beginning at 10 am.  Please inform the parents in your unit that they will not be allowed into the campsite to pick up their child.  All Scouts should depart Peterloon with their unit.  If parents wish to pick up their youth, they may do so at the Peterloon lot on Ward’s Corner Road.

Appendix and Forms (updated September 18, 2016)

Complete 2016 Guidebook updated September 22, 2016) – 1.5MB Download


COPE/ Climbing Consent and Hold Harmless Agreement – All participants wishing to participant in a climbing event, will need to have both pages of this document completed entirely.

Peterloon Unit Roster – Each unit will need to turn in a roster upon arriving during check-in. Please use this template and make copies as necessary.

Check back regularly for additional 2016 information… and like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/DBCPeterloon for more information.

Click here to download the archived 2014 Peterloon Guide (1.5MB)