Tania, Mike, Kelly, Eric,Len, Amy

Agenda Items

  • Minutes of last meeting – Tania
  • Financial Report – Amy
  • Old Business – any concerns or issues? – Group
  • Summary of recent pack meetings and outings – Tania/Group
  • New business – Group:
    1. There is a free camp, we need to register by Friday 6/17/2016Brittany and Tania talked about having parents take a day to ride the bus with the kids. Brittany can do Monday. Len mentioned if one parent can do entire week they can be a “mentor.”
    2. Dan Beard is sending some trainers our way. We need to pick some dates and get back to them.The training chair Mike Banish states:

      Ideally, we might spend one night doing the Cub Scout basics, then another night on Cub Scout-specific positionstraining. Depending on the positions and the number of trainers I can get there, we might have to do that in two evenings.

      If we can find one night of the week when your people can get together, we could do that night three weeks in a row; OR, two or three days in a row, if that would be more convenient.

    3. Ripley has a fair in July (date?) and will allow the Scouts to have a booth – may be good to have derby cars, boats, etc. Can make a poster board with photos and etc.
    4. We may need to adjust the Museum trip for a different trip; can discuss. One idea is Ft. Ancient. If not for this date would like to discuss for future
  1. We do not have the Buttermilk Falls hike on the calendar, any thoughts?
  2. We do not have a day set to make cards with the Legion to send to troops. Discuss with Eric Rust. Can be a pack meeting day.
  3. Upcoming camping trip – if any discussion needed
  4. Plans for next Den meeting – what will the lessons be, choose who leads.

Tania, Mike, Len, Eric, Amy, Kelly