International Scouting Opportunity


The Friendship Exchange Program is an annual event that is aimed at promoting international understanding and friendship between the two countries. The Boy Scouts of America will send one troop composed of 28 scouts and 6 leaders selected from throughout the United States.

Throughout the year opportunities for International Scouting are offered by the International Division for qualified scouts. In general qualifications include being at least 14 years old, in good standing with your home troop, and willing to travel internationally. Exact qualifications will depend upon the program. Opportunities have included the Friendship Exchange, Youth Conferences in Europe and South America, as well programs with specific country scouting organizations. In most cases the International Division and the host scouting organization cover most of the costs. In addition there are opportunities to serve on Camp Staff for the summer throughout Europe and Asia. If you are interested in receiving mailings when opportunities arise, please send a resume and your passport information to:

Dave Bruno
International Scouting Representative—Dan Beard Council
Email: Bruno.dj.01@gmail.com
Phone: 513-703-2299

Please be sure to include your email and phone number.