How Do I Register for Peterloon


Most registrants will select CONTINGENT(UNIT) Registration to register youth and adults affiliated with a unit (Troop, Crew or Pack).

Only select INDIVIDUAL registrant if you are a individual adult planning to attend and camp with another group not affiliated with a unit registration, such as Commissioners, District Volunteers, or Council Volunteers.


Step 1.  Registration Opens on APRIL 1, 2016 @ 9AM
– Go to www.danbeard.org
– Log into your MyCouncil Account by clicking the Log In button in the top right-hand corner of the site. (Create an account if you have not previously as this will help you manage registrations in the future)
– If you prefer not to register online, payments will be accepted at the front desk of the Scout Achievement Center after filling out the proper registration details.

Step 2.  Go to the Peterloon page by clicking the Peterloon button on the left side of the screen or by navigating to www.danbeard.org/Peterloon

Step 3.  Review the Registration Details and Refund policies under the Register menu tab.

Step 4.  Click the Register Now button to be forwarded to online registration.  Click the orange Register Online button.

Step 5.  Begin the registration by selecting the type of Registration: Contingent (or Unit) Registration or Individual registration.  See notes above.  Most people will choose contingent registration to sign up multiple people from the unit.
Then select the type of Contingent (Unit) Registration: Pack or Troop/Crew
*If you are a Troop registering and paying for Webelos Scouts, select Troop and include them in your counts.
*If you are a Webelos Pack who plans to stay the weekend, please make sure you have spoken with a Troop that you plan to camp with.

Step 6.  Complete the Unit Information including Unit # and details.
*What if my unit doesn’t show up or isn’t an option? A. Contact Kyle Acus at 513-577-7700 and we will make sure to fix it within 24 business hours.
*Note that if you save your basic profile information, fields will auto populate and make registration easier in the future.

Step 7.  Select a campsite location.  There are 2 options: Traditional campsite in the Peterloon Fields or consideration for Sub Camp 0 up at Camp Friedlander.

Step 8.  Type in the name and contact information for your units volunteer coordinator.  Each unit is asked to help provide 2 volunteers for one volunteer shift either before, during, or after Peterloon to help with the event.  This year we will be working to coordinate volunteer schedules more efficiently to provide a better experience for everyone.  This individual will receive information and directions about how to sign up for a shift.

Step 9.  Complete the Contingent or Unit Registration by clicking “Next” and move forward to add participants.  You will only be required to provide a quantity of participants based on a few categories: Youth (Ages 17 or younger), Adults (Ages 18 or over), Saturday ONLY Scouts or Webelos (*these individuals will need to check-in separately on Saturday).  You may add a quantity for each one of the categories to fill your registration.
Pack registrants will also be able to register an Adult Saturday ONLY at $0 as adult supervision is required for Webelos attending on Saturday.  Please plan for the proper number of adults to supervise Webelos.

Step 10.  Checkout:  Once you have added all of your participants, Save the Transaction to Your Cart, and proceed with the checkout and payment process.

Congratulations!  You have registered for Peterloon!