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Page Ranking

When you create a page, make sure you click on the “meta data” page to add keywords and help the page rank high in search. This will make the page easy to find when someone searches for it in the search bar on our website. Don’t forget to click the two check boxes (index this page and follow links on this page), this will help the page rank high when users search on Google.


Hide Text

To hide specific pieces of content:

<!– (Text you’d like to hide) –>

HTML / CSS Coding 

Changing font color and font size:

This is a test!

  • <br><font color=”red” size=”5″><u><strong>This is a test!</strong></u></font></br> 

This is a test!

  • <p><font color=”blue” size=”2″>This is a test!</font></p>

Text goes here

  • <br><font face=”arial” color=”purple” size=”3″>Text goes here</font></br>

Note: The font element is a test.

  • <p><strong>Note:</strong> <font face=”arial” color=”green” size=”3″>The font element is a test.</font></p>