Welcome this unit’s Home Page!

Do you want to improve communication between your unit’s leaders, parents and scouts? Have you been thinking about creating a web site for your unit but have been daunted by the task, the cost, or the resources required? Well, look no further because Unit Home Pages are here to help address your needs.

The Unit Home Page feature on the [CouncilName] web site gives your unit a home on the Internet. Your Unit Home Page provides the following features…

  • Editable home page content
  • An events calendar
  • A group email tool
  • A place to store files to share with unit members
  • Security features to protect members and information
  • Other features to be added in the future

Learn more about how your Unit can start using these features today…

Unit Leaders

If you are having trouble accessing your unit’s site for the first time please contact the [registrar] to make sure your authorization is set up correctly.