cub rank patchescub rank patches There are five rank badges and the Arrow of Light Award in Cub Scouting. All Cub Scouts, no matter the age, earn their Bobcat rank first. The remainder of the ranks are earned based on a the age of the boy. Unlike Boy Scouts and Venturing, earning one rank is not dependent on another. Instead, a boy earns the rank of his age group whether he has earned previous badges or not (with the exception of the Bobcat Badge). Learn more about each rank badge; for exact requirements, please consult the handbook for that particular rank.

bobcat patchBobcat Rank

The new Cub Scout, regardless of his age, earns the Bobcat badge soon after registering. This rank involves learning the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack and some signs and symbols of Cub Scouting. His parents determine when the boy has mastered the requirements. The requirements for the Bobcat badge can be found in all of the Cub Scout handbooks (there is no Bobcat handbook), as it is a requirement for all boys that enter Cub Scouting.

wolf patch

Wolf Rank

When a boy is in the second grade, he starts work on the twelve achievements for the Wolf rank as soon as he has earned his Bobcat rank. These achievements involve knowledge of the national flag, his religious duties, physical skills and other simple skills geared to his interests. A parent or adult family member should approve his work and sign his book, signifying completion of the requirements. Cub Scout leaders approve only a few of the requirements, which are indicated in the handbook.

When the Cub Scout has completed the twelve achievements, he receives the Wolf badge in a ceremony during a monthly pack meeting. The boy may then work on any of the twenty-two other fields, called electives, until he completes second grade (or is 9). Electives mostly cover hobby and sports interests. Each of these electives is divided into projects. For the first ten projects, a boy is awarded a Gold Arrow Point to be worn on his uniform below his Wolf badge. For the next ten projects completed, he receives Silver Arrow Point, to be worn below the gold one. Additional Silver Arrow Points may be earned for each ten projects. All requirements and electives are found in the Wolf Cub Scout Book.

bear patch

Bear Rank

When the boy is in the third grade (or as soon as he completes the Bobcat requirements if he joins at this age), he begins work toward the Bear rank. When he has completed twelve of the twenty four achievements and has been awarded the badge, he may work on the twenty-four electives in the Bear Cub Scout Bookto earn arrow points as he did for Wolf. These arrow points are worn below his Bear badge. In addition, he may earn elective credits by completing requirements for the twelve achievements not used to earn the Bear badge. All requirements for both the Bear achievements and electives are found in the Bear Cub Scout Book. As with the Wolf rank, completion of the requirements is approved by the boy’s parents.

webelos patch

Webelos Rank

While working toward the Webelos rank and the Arrow of Light Award, the boy also may earn any or all of the twenty activity badges that range from Aquanaut and Sportsman to Geologist and Forester. The Webelos den leader approves the boy’s work or assigns someone else to approve it. This is an important step in the boy’s transition to a Boy Scout troop. All requirements for the Webelos badge, Arrow of Light Award and activity badges are found in the Webelos Scout Book.

arrow of light patch

Arrow of Light Award

When he is 11 years old (or has earned the Arrow of Light or completed the fifth grade), the boy makes a transition from the pack to a Boy Scout troop in an impressive pack ceremony. The Webelos badge and Arrow of Light requirements include many, but not all, of the joining requirements for the Boy Scout badge. Having earned these, the boy should have less difficulty in meeting the requirements for joining a troop and receiving his Boy Scout badge. Earning of the Arrow of Light does not automatically earn the Boy Scout badge.