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We are no longer accepting placemat requests for 2023.

Welcome Pack Summer Camp Coordinators! Below are the 2023 Cub Camp Adventures placemats – which are a great tool for helping Scouts get to camp. This two-sided placemat provides the families you serve with information about the upcoming summer camp programs and gives them an overview of when each camp will take place, along with the cost. On the reverse side, you as the Camp Coordinator can customize the information about what session your unit will be attending as a Pack. We love when Packs come to multiple sessions, however for the purposes of customizing the placemats, have the Pack’s Committee choose one session to advertise and promote. The Pack number, type of camp, location, and date range will be placed near the top along with who to talk with (your Pack’s Camp Coordinator) to get registered.

If your Pack would like to take advantage of this FREE resource, please order some placemats for an upcoming Pack meeting or Blue and Gold Banquet. Take a moment and click on the hyperlink below to be redirected to the online order form.