Information on Cub Scout Summer Camp for 2021 will be available soon!

Community Camp offers the fun of camp right in your own backyard. It is the perfect place to experience the best activities in Cub Scouts. Explore the outdoors of a local park with games, crafts and challenges! These 5-day camps include activities such as archery, BB guns, fishing, hiking, STEM, and more.

Adult Volunteers are the key to the success of Community Day Camp. Volunteers who participate for all 5 days of camp qualify their Scout to a $35 discount. Please note: Adult Partners are required to attend camp with Tiger Scouts.

Your youth may qualify for a Camp Discount. See below for more information! 

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Located At These Local Parks:

  • Middleton Mills Park Community Camp

    June 8-12, 2020 | 8am-4pm

  • East Fork Lake Community Camp

    June 22-26, 2020 | 8am-4pm


The programs include everyone’s favorite Cub Scouting activities, plenty of outdoor adventures, and lots of games, crafts, and challenges. The activities are scheduled so each camper has the opportunity to participate in each activity. The camp staff plans and facilitates all of the programs, adding a certain amount of silliness and excitement to each activity. Each Day Camp is unique and will offer unique activities to its campers. Below is a selection of activities that may be offered at the Day Camp you attend.


Cub Scouts love Shooting Sports, so Day Camp has plenty of them. Some of these opportunities include shooting BB guns, archery, and sling shots. This is one of the most popular things to do at Day Camp.


Some games are active and rambunctious, some are quiet and require thought, and some involve teamwork and using Scouting skills. Whatever the type, campers will play all sorts of games each day.


Learning about and appreciating the outdoors is an important part of being a Cub Scout. The camp staff will teach you all sorts of new things about the natural world at Day Camp. Nature games and activities will teach Scouts about the environment and how to co-exist responsibly within the natural world. Some camps may have visits from animal keepers, the park service, go fishing, go on nature hikes, and much more!



Fee Description                    Regular Fee            After June 1st           Deposit

Youth Fee                               $120                         $135                         $0

Adult Volunteer*                      $0                              $0                           $0


Code must be used or discount requested before full payment; no refunds will be issued.
  • Second Adventure Discount: Receive $25 off the second week of camp, any type.
    Code: Adventure2
  • Volunteer Discount: For Day Camp, receive $35 off a youth whose parent is volunteering ALL week.
    Code: Volunteer20
  • Sibling Discount: For Day Camp, pay in full for one child and receive $20 off for their sibling(s).
    Code: Sibling20
  • Cub Camp Promotions Discount: For packs that attend a rally and complete a camp presentation, every youth in the unit can use one discount of $5 off any cub camp. Code will be emailed out after presentation is reported complete.


Please keep in mind that the following regulations must be followed at all times:

  • Resident Adventure Camps require 1 adult for every 4 Cubs with a minimum of 2 adults per Pack/Den. 
  • If more than 2 youth from the same Pack are attending Cub Camp, the Pack must provide adult supervision at the ratio given above.
  • Adults attending the Expedition Cub Camp for 72 hours or more (non-consecutive) must be both registered as an Adult Leader with the BSA and have completed Youth Protection Training before arriving at camp. Proof of such is required at check-in.

For details, please refer to Adult Leader with the BSA and Dan Beard Council’s Youth Protection Training resources.

Questions? Please contact Rachel Ball at 513-577-7708 or Rachel.Ball@scouting.org.