Community Camp, formally known as Day Camp, takes place at various locations around the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

This program would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers of the Dan Beard Council. The information found below will outline our need for volunteers as well as provide you with an outline of the day-to-day schedule you can expect.


Volunteers are made up of both Camp Staff, mature Boy Scout aged Scouts, and parents/guardians of Scouts already attending Community Camp.


Volunteers are a key element to running a successful Community Camp. We need help in several different areas including: Den Walkers, Shooting Sports Range Masters (BB and/ or Archery), and Program Areas specific to STEM and Outdoor Skills. The role of each of these positions is outlined below.


A “Den Walker’s” primary role is to keep the Scouts together, on task, and safe at all times throughout the day. The Den Walker can be similarly compared to a Den Leader.


A “Range Master” is a BSA trained person (18 years old +) who oversees all Cub Scout shooting activities include BB guns and/ or archery. This person will had to participate in a Council level “Range Master Training”. The purpose of this training and position is to ensure proper operation of the range, along with safety.


A “Program Volunteer” will deliver program as outlined by the Program Manager and Camp Director. Each program delivered will be either STEM or Outdoor Skills focused for each rank.


All volunteers are expected to have a current Youth Protection date within the last two years. Those volunteers who need to retake the Youth Protection training can do so by visiting If Boy Scout aged Scouts wish to volunteer, they must also complete the Youth Protection Training.


If you are interested in registering as a volunteer, please click the volunteer button above. Once the button is selected, you will be taken to a page which we will collect your information. You will then be contacted to further discuss available volunteer positions.


If a parent/ guardian of a Scout volunteers for all five days, that Scout’s registration will be valued at $85 versus the registration rate of $110. This is a significant savings and is our way of saying “thank you”. Please note that this offer is limited to key roles within the Community Camp operation and may be limited by camp location. Interested parents/ guardians should contact both the Outdoor Program Assistant and Community Camp Director. Discounts will only be given to those who volunteer for all five days; unfortunately this cannot be prorated per day.

If you are wishing to volunteer, or have specific questions regarding community camp and volunteering, please contact:

Rachel Ball
Outdoor Program Assistant
(513) 577-7708