In June, the National Office updated the school grade data on charters.  Many cub scouts are now listed as being in the sixth grade and over age to be a cub scout.  These individuals probably were eligible to cross over to a scout troop but were not invited to join.  If your charter partner has a cub pack, check with the cub leadership to insure every cub was given the chance to join.  I have heard of several instances with a parent or fifth to eight grade student was asked why they did not join a Boy Scout Troop.  The answer was, “No one asked us to join.”

Now is the time to begin to invite “Arrow of Light” members (formally referred to as second year Webelos) to join your troop at a district or unit campout, time to join you for a service project, or just to come and visit at a troop meeting.  Start today and be one of the few troops able to have 100% of the Arrow of Light cub scouts join your troop.  Put on a great recruiting event.  Remember, their friends may encourage them to join another troop, because you did not ask them to join.

Need help in determining who or how many Arrow of Light members are available in your unit?  Give a call to unit Cubmaster or the District Membership Vice Chair.  Over 200 second year cub scouts did not join a scout troop last year.  Did you ask them to join your unit?