Scout Impact Project: A Good Turn For Your Community

NEW IN 2020!

Helping others is one of the fundamental values of Scouting and allows Scouts to see the value and impact they make by contributing to their community. In 2020, Dan Beard Council units will be partnering with their chartered partners to provide a good turn to their local communities.

The new Scout Impact Project is designed to provide units in the Dan Beard Council an opportunity to make an annual contribution, with their chartered organizations, to their communities. Accomplishing an identifiable task gives a great deal of satisfaction to those participating in the project and goes a long way in improving the relationship between a unit and their community.


  • Units and Chartered Organizations collaborate on a new service project to benefit their community.
  • Provide significant local benefit through Scouting good turns.
  • Deepen the relationship between the unit and their chartered organization.
  • Across the Dan Beard Council, provide 30,000 new service hours.  


  1. Enroll online starting on December 2, 2019 with a unit contact
  2. Contact the chartered organization to discuss the possible project.
  3. Develop and prepare a proposal for the charter organization.
  4. Present proposal to chartered organization.
  5. Submit basic write up and begin working on the project
  6. Complete the project and follow up survey.
  7. Receive patches and enjoy the benefits the unit provided for the community.

Questions? Please contact Frank Burdsall, Program Executive, at (513) 577-7712 or frank.burdsall@scouting.org.