Card Readers:

Credit Card Readers can be a great way to increase your sales. Storefront sales are where these are typically the most handy when customers may not have cash.

Did you know?…
The average popcorn sale increases by over 10% when you accept credit cards.

– Credit Card Readers allow you to accept credit cards
– Use multiple readers at different locations if you like
– Dollars are transferred directly into the unit account. Refer to the account setup flyer (online).
– Most readers offer a “Salesman Mode” where you can invite others in your unit to a main account and keep track of all sales. Be aware of fees with this.
– Fees are a responsibility of the unit. But remember, the fees are on sales that you would not normally have landed, not your entire sale. Just a few successful transactions would more than cover any fees.
– Upload a template with popcorn product to your reader for easy transactions.

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Inventory Control Help

Develop a plan to track the inventory your unit has in stock. Keep product in the hands of your Scouts to keep them selling throughout the sale. The goal is not running out of product yet not having product left over to return at the end.

Here are some helpful tips:

-Use the Sale Tracker Wizard. This nifty excel wizard allows you input your unit roster and track each Scouts inventory and sales for both Show & Sell and Take Order. So when it’s time to place your unit order, you have the numbers right in front of you.

-Review last year’s sale data online or see general sale data posted on danbeard.org/popcorn.

-Share your information with others in your district at the popcorn rally. Share contact information so that you can trade product later in the sale.

-Use the Dan Beard Council Popcorn facebook page to chat with other kernels and trade product.

-Communicate with your Scouts regularly. Ask them report back if they have unsold product early so that you can transfer it to Scouts who have waiting customers.