There is one return day the weekend prior to your unit’s final order for units to return full cases of popcorn that were over ordered. We encourage units to utilize the popcorn swap days with other unit kernels to swap out product they don’t need for product they do, and to make full cases to return. Do NOT put stickers, tape, or anything detailing pricing on the product or it may not be accepted for return. Damaged product will not be accepted.

Transfers of Product to Other Units


Popcorn transfers are when one unit transfers product to another unit who is willing to accept that product. Both units’ accounts are then updated by the Council on the admin end. Transfers will be by container total only. For example, 1 case of Unbelievable Butter has 6 Containers.

The unit that is GIVING the product to another unit is responsible for filling out and submitting the TRANSFER SLIP paperwork to ensure accounts are updated properly. You will need: -Your Unit # and District -Receivers Unit # and District -Name & Signature from the receiver Once submitted, both parties will be notified prior to any updates are made in the system. We will assume the transfer is correct unless we hear back from you. Please DO NOT attempt to go into your unit account and make/change an order. The Council will process transfers from the admin side as quickly as possible on a weekly basis.

No Returns on Chocolate Product: Chocolate products may not be returned. This includes White Chocolaty Pretzels”, “Chocolate Lovers” tin, and “Chocolaty Caramel Crunch”. These items are extremely sensitive to high temperatures and must be transported and stored properly.

Restocking Fee:

Dan Beard Council allows you to return 10% of your Initial Order free and clear. After this allowance, there is a 10% restocking fee based on the remaining product cost returned. Example: A unit orders $1,500 of product for their initial order. 10% of $1,500 is $150. They have a $150 allowance that they can return. If they return $200 of popcorn, there will be a 10% restocking fee on the $50 remaining after the allowance. The total restocking fee in this case would be $5 ($50 x 10%). Remember to use leftover product from your Initial Order to fill orders from your Take Order sales before making your Final Order.

Only returns of full cases, of like product, will be accepted. Please remember that the Dan Beard Council is unable to return any popcorn to Trail’s End and therefore any excess that remains unsold has a direct, negative effect on all units and youth.

Account Settlements Payments:

Units are expected to carefully manage their inventory and finances so they are able to pay for their product in a timely manner and should expect their Scouts and parents to do likewise. You may settle your account with: CASH, CHECK, or CREDIT CARD* (cc fees apply).

Late fees will be assessed if received on or after the dates below for settlements received after the final due date.

December 5, 2017 2% late fee
December 12, 2017 4% late fee
December 19, 2017 6% late fee
December 29, 2017 8% late fee

The unit’s prizes will be approved only when the unit has settled their account.

*We can take credit card payments, but all credit card payments will incur a 3% processing fee.