Popcorn Prize Program – Click here to download the bonus initiatives and prizes

Your Scouts also earn awesome prizes when they sell popcorn! Dan Beard Council is excited to partner with BSA National Supply again this year for the popcorn prize program.

Scouts get to choose from physical prizes or Scout Bucks (Scout Cash) at the various prize levels.

One order with everything shipped directly to the unit chair. Simple!

Scout can qualify for Bonus Clubs and earn extra prizes at $650, $1200, $1600, and $2600.

Contact the Customer Service Center at 800-323-0736, Monday – Friday, from 8:00am to 7:00pm if you have questions or concerns about ordering prizes.

Planning For Prizes:

1. Communicate a Prize Selection Due Date to your Scouts and parents several times during the sale. Coordinate this date with the final order date.

2. Set a firm deadline and have a “Default Prize Choice” for each prize level if they don’t have their choice into you by the due date.

3. Be sure to order your prizes by November 3, 2017

4. Verify the correct shipping address.

How To Order Prizes:

Login to your popcorn unit page from: danbeard.org/popcorn

1. Once logged into to your Unit Trail’s End page, click the PRIZES tab located on the far right of the menu.

2. Click the dropdown box to select FALL 2017

3. Click the GO TO PRIZES button to the right of the dropdown box.

4. You will begin your order by selecting CHOOSE YOUR PRIZES.

5. You can sort the page by prices, low to high or high to low, for easier keying of your order.

6. You can also change the view of your page for easier keying, by selecting from the options beside the Sort by box, such as Grid View, List View, or Entry View.

7. For this guide we will use the Grid View with images. Select the item you wish to order and enter the QTY. to be placed in your cart. You only have to hit the Add to Cart button one time for all of your items to load in your cart.

8. Once you have entered your order and added the items to your cart, you will need to move back to the top of the page and select the Shipping Info tab.

9. You will have a pop up that asks you to verify the name and address again. You will need to click on OK to proceed.

10.The system will then take you to the Order Confirmation – Checkout page. Please check your order quantities to ensure that they are accurate. You can change quantities in the Qty. box, or remove the entire line item by clicking on the red X.

11.You are then asked to submit your Sales Information. If you have comments that you would like for the Council Approver to see you may enter them in the notes section. You must click on the blue SUBMIT ORDER button for order processing to begin; otherwise, the order will continue to sit in your Pending Queue until you submit the order.

12.Once you have submitted your order you will receive an order conformation. Please print this document for your records. The Council Approver will also receive notification that your order is in the approval queue. The Council Approver will review your order and approve for processing, OR they will reject the order which will send the order back to you for further action.

Popcorn Prizes

Downloadable resources to help your Units Track Prizes.

Popcorn prizes are due on November 3, 2017

Downloadable resources to help your Units Track Prizes.
1) Prize Tally Sheet: Use this Prize Tally Sheet to help track the number of each prize that you need for your Scouts.

2)Prize Catalog: Click the link to downloadable Prize Catalog

*Order Prizes on your Unit page. Please see the attached screenshot below as a reference

Popcorn Tally Sheet

Click HERE to download the popcorn tally sheet