Show & Sell is when Scouts have popcorn in hand so that they are able to show it and sell it to the customer on the spot. There are several types of Show and Sell that have proven successful for units.

Door to Door – Complete the SUPER CIRCLE!

The most effective sales method! In this case, a unit signs out a small quantity of popcorn to a Scout who takes it throughout his neighborhood, selling as he goes. Product is brought along (in wagon or vehicle), making it a quick and easy process for the customer. So, it is like a mobile show & sell booth. Units should order for this as part of their show & sell order. This method is preferred for neighborhoods close to home. A large percentage of homeowners say that no Scout has ever come to their door, missing this great opportunity. If the desired product is not on hand, an order can be taken and product delivered later.

Super Circle!

Have your Scout use their superpowers to look after your neighbors by completing the SUPER CIRCLE! The SUPER CIRCLE is the 10 neighbors that surround your home. Make a circle from your home by selling to the first 3 neighbors down, cross the street and sell to 5 houses back toward your home, cross back to your side of the street and stop by 2 neighbors on your way back home. We have found tremendous success from units who just have each of their Scouts do this simple task.

Neighborhood Blitz & Blitz Day

A Blitz Day is an organized day for a group of Scouts to go out selling in a specific area together. Scouts have fun with their friends as they travel to a neighborhood. A neighborhood can be covered very quickly with several Scouts each going door to door.