As a special year-end offer, the Dan Beard Council is making available the remaining inventory of 2016 Camp Cards for sale through the end of the year.  This is your last chance for an easy Scouting fundraiser, or to purchase cards to take advantage of the great discounts! Camp Card Tracking Sheet


  • Pay $5 per card at time of purchase.
  • Cards available at the Scout Achievement Center during regular business hours.
  • Save 10% on Kroger purchases of $100 or more – perfect for Holiday dinner groceries!
  • Use the cards or sell them however you choose.
  • Remaining card discounts will expire 12/30/16, so buy and use them today!
  • Kings Island and The Beach discounts have already expired.
  • Payment is due when cards are received.  Cards will not be sold on consignment and payment will not be invoiced.
  • All sales are final!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase camp cards?

Camp Cards are available for purchase at the front counter at the Scout Achievement Center during regular business hours through Friday, December 30.  You can also contact your district staff member and, if available, they may make arrangements to deliver cards to you — however, payment will be due at time of delivery.

Can we order cards and then pay after we have sold them?

No. All payment is due at the time of receipt of the cards.  Cards are being sold as a product and will not be sold on consignment or with payment invoiced later.

If we don’t sell all the cards we purchase can they be returned?

No. All sales of Camp Cards during this Last Chance Sale are final.

Can I order Camp Cards for pick up later?

Yes! You can call the front desk of the Scout Achievement Center and request an amount of cards be “reserved” for you to pick up.  They will be held under your name for up three business days.  When picked up, payment will be due.  If they are not picked up within three business days, they will be returned to inventory.

Can you send me Camp Cards?  Can you deliver them?

Camp Cards will not be shipped, however, you can contact your district staff member and request delivery.  If they are available and it’s convenient, they can deliver a requested number of cards, however payment will be due upon delivery.

How much should we sell these Camp Cards for?

Once you have purchased the cards, they are yours to do as you wish.  The cards have “Only $10” printed on them.

Are the discounts still good on the Camp Cards?

The Kings Island and The Beach discounts have expired, as the parks have closed for the season.  The remaining discounts are valid through 12/30/16 or 12/31/16, including: Kroger 10% off $100 or more purchase, $5 off at Mike’s Carwash, Free 3-way at Gold Star Chili, Dave & Busters free Supercharge upgrade, free Warbird Museum admission and Bob Summerel service discount.

Why are the Camp Cards available now? Why weren’t they available when we needed more during the regular sale?

2016 was a pilot year for the Camp Card Sale. As a new venture for the council and our units, a limited number of cards were ordered. At the time, it was unknown how many units would participate, how many cards would be ordered and sold by units, how many would be returned, and if units would continue to rely on the popcorn sale or other fundraisers instead of trying camp cards. We found that the pilot sale was wildly successful, with units selling twice the amount of cards we anticipated! While we did our best to make cards available to units requesting them as other units made their returns of unsold cards, to make the original quantity of cards available to as many units as possible, we had to limit orders.  The pilot was very successful, however there were still a quantity of cards returned at the end of sale.  We are now making those cards available before they lose their value.

Is this Last Chance Sale a part of the 2017 Camp Card Sale?

No. The selloff of remaining 2016 Camp Cards is not meant to be a part of or a replacement of the 2017 Camp Card Sale, which will kickoff in January with sales starting in March.  This Last Chance Sale is only meant to provide a little extra year-end income for units and the council and to sell off the 2016 cards while they still have value.