Virtual Sale Planner

Virtual Sale Planner

The popcorn sale has everything you need to plan and execute a successful sale for your unit. Simply review the Popcorn Sale Guidebook (included in your Popcorn Sale Kit folder) and follow the five steps below.

Download: Popcorn Sale Guidebook (3.5 MB PDF)

1. Plan Your Scouting Program

Plan your unit's Scouting program by month, determine all of your costs, and set unit and Scout sales goals with ourProgram Planner spreadsheet. Use this as a handout for parents at your popcorn kickoff.

Download: Program Planner Spreadsheet (XLS)

2. Finalize Your Unit Incentive Program

Use our Scout Incentive document to finalize the incentives you will offer your Scouts in addition to the Scout Rewards offered through your council and Trail's End. Use this as a handout for Scouts at your popcorn kickoff.

Download: Scout Incentive Program (PPT)

3. Build Your Best Popcorn Kickoff Ever

Refer to pages 10 and 11 in the Popcorn Sale Guidebook for the kickoff agenda and room layout to follow. Use the materials in the Popcorn Sale Kit folder to decorate your meeting room, and showcase prizes Scouts can get with a Walmart or Gift Card when they sell $600 or more.

Download: Kickoff Presentation (PPT)

4. Communicate Effectively With Your Scouts And Parents

Give your parents the key program and sale information by customizing this parent handout for your popcorn kickoff.

Download: Parent Handout (PPT)

5. Achieve Your Sales Goal

Be sure your Scouts sell both online and face-to-face to achieve their sales goals. Show a Scout training video at your kickoff. If you have an internet connection at your kickoff, make sure Scouts create their accounts to sell online.