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Scout Bucks

Scout Bucks are a wonderful alternative to Physical Prizes for those Scouts who are trying to pay for Scouting activities. 

Scout Bucks are essentially vouchers that can be spent at the Dan Beard Scout Shop or for camp and activity fees here in the Dan Beard Council.  They can help to cover the cost of Cub Day Camp, Fun With Son, Camp Friedlander Boy Scout Camp, District Camporees, etc. They cannot be deposited into a unit account or used to pay for recharter fees.

Scout Bucks are offered as a choice for our Scouts who prefer Scout Bucks instead of prizes. As long as the total sales qualify a Scout may choose a prize from one level and scout bucks from another level. Example: A Scout who sells $1,250 may choose a prize from the $500 level and Scout Bucks from the $750 level. 



Scout Bucks Levels

  • Level 1   $125       $10 Scout Bucks

  • Level 2   $250       $20 Scout Bucks

  • Level 3   $500       $40 Scout Bucks

  • Level 4   $750       $60 Scout Bucks

  • Level 5   $1,000    $80 Scout Bucks

  • Level 6   $1,250    $100 Scout Bucks

  • Level 7   $2,000    $160 Scout Bucks

  • Level 8   $3,000    $240 Scout Bucks