$1500/$2000 Club

$1500/$2000 Club

The $1500 Club just got bigger!  It is now the $1500/$2000 Club.

This year the $1500 club continues as a step up program.  Scouts who sell over $1500 in popcorn can choose one prize option from the $1500 Club.  If they sell over $2000 in popcorn, they can choose one from the $2000 Club prizes instead.  $2000 sellers do not get a prize from both levels.

The Club prizes are bonus prizes that are in addition to the regular Physical Prizes. There are several options at both levels, and we hope that Scouts will find something that will excite them.  

Click the links below to see the prize options for each level.

$1500 Club Prizes

$2000 Club Pirzes