Peterloon 2014

Get Ready for Excitement, Prepare for the Challenge!...
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Peterloon 2014

Get Ready for Excitement, Prepare for the Challenge! ...


Peterloon 2014 - Are You Tougher Than  A Boy Scout?

We camp in the snow and ice, climb and rappel vertical cliffs, respond to emergencies, etc...  There's no doubt about it - Boy Scouts are TOUGH!  This year, test your meddle in games and activities that will showcase how physically and mentally tough Boy Scots can be.  Start whipping your patrol, Troop, and even your leaders into shape as everyone prepares to show that they ARE tougher than a Boy Scout at Peterloon this fall!

Peterloon offers your unit and youth the opportunity to try their hand at many different things.  The Action Center features over 40 events, some competitive and all fun!  The Midway boasts exhibitors from inside the Scouting community as well as major organizations in our community with services and opportunities available to your unit.  Saturday night's Campfire Extravaganza brings all 6,000 participant's together for a special program and guest speakers.  With Friday night activities, food vendors, trading posts, and more, there's something for everyone at Peterloon this year!

Activities - Over 40 challenging, teambuilding activities are waiting for you in the Action Center.  Many of our activities this year will test your Scouts' toughness, giving them the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of rigorous individual and team challenges.  For more  information, click here (coming soon).

Exhibits - With a Midway highlighting over 35 organizations, there's an opportunity just waiting for your unit.  Many have give-aways, special Scouting opportunities, and celebrity guests.  Stop by to find out more about how your unit can benefit from these great organizations.  For a list of exhibitors, click here (coming soon).

Arena - NEW in 2014, the Arena will be packed with action ALL DAY!  Stop by for audience participation games and record setting attempts, leader challenges, special guests, and more!  For a schedule of Arena activities, click here (coming soon)