All the answers to your burning Jamboree questions!

How much is the Jamboree? $1195.00

When is the Jamboree? July 13-24, 2013

When will they leave? The Dan Beard Contingent will be leaving early on the morning of July 13, 201. Your youth will be transported by commercial buses to the National Jamboree.

When will they return? Your youth will return in the evening on July 24, 2013.

Can my youth be in the same troop as his buddy? Yes

How do I make payments for the Jamboree? Your first payment of $150.00 is due when your youth submits their application for consideration to be a part of the Dan Beard Contingent.  There are an additional 5 payments that are due over the next year in order for your youth to reserve their spot for the Jamboree.  All payments must be made on time or your youth will be removed from the Contingents troop or crew

Will my scout be going to Washington D.C. as in the past? No

If my scout cannot attend how do I get my money back? This deposit is 100% refundable if you withdraw on or before February 29, 2012. If you withdraw on or after March 1, 2012, you will not receive any refund of fees paid unless all the Council Contingent Units are full (7 Troops-280 participants; 1 Venture Crew-40 participants). If all of the Council Contingent Units are filled at the date of departure you will receive an 80% refund of the fees you have paid. This refund will be paid at the conclusion of the National Scout Jamboree.

Will I be able to visit my youth at the Jamboree? Absolutely!  All youth camps will be off limits to visiting parents ans siblings. The National Jamboree will have a central location where you and your youth can meet. This area will have various activities to show you what your youth has been participating in.   No visitors will be allowed into the action areas or campsites at the National Jamboree.


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