Silver Beaver Recognition Process


The Dan Beard Council Program and Activities Committees are thrilled to announce some new opportunities and enhancements around the distinguished Silver Beaver Award (Click here to view the new class now).  We recognize the significance of this notable award. With the feedback and help of several Silver Beavers, we have developed an exciting new process to recognize deserving volunteers and expand the influence and impact of these distinguished individuals by uniting them together.

In 2014, we will begin celebrating our Silver Beaver recipients much like we currently recognize our new Eagle Scouts.  This will be accomplished in a two-step process:

  1. We will honor each recipient with a memorable and personal award presentation at a location of their choice (e.g. District Dinner, unit Court of Honor, workplace). Members of the Silver Beaver Association will help to perform the ceremonial award presentation.
  2. We will continue to recognize the Silver Beaver Class at a Council-wide public recognition in front of a large group of uniformed Scouters. (Note: This will no longer take place at the Annual Banquet)

This is a process that has worked well and there is a level of symbolism and significance in emulating this ceremony.  We strongly believe that this new process will:

  • Enhance the overall experience of our silver beavers by adding a personal experience where they can be recognized and highlighted in front of more of their friends, family, and peers.
  • Inspire more people by sharing the accomplishments of these individuals with a larger audience.
  • Allow our current Silver Beavers to engage and interact with new Silver Beavers through the formation of a Silver Beaver Association.  The association will be able to help strengthen relationships and continue to work together to build Dan Beard Council in order to further deliver the mission of Scouting.

*Update on the Council Annual BanquetThe current structure of the Annual Banquet will be discontinued as a stand-alone event in lieu of the Silver Beaver recognition activities described above.


Steve Ditty                                        Dave Bruno
Council Activities Chair                   Vice President of Program

Last Updated on Friday, 21 March 2014 13:32