The Charter Renewal Process - Conduct Charter Renewal Planning Meeting


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3. Conduct a Charter Renewal Planning meeting as soon as possible, but no later than November 1

 Confirm the individual who is responsible for completing packet.

 Confirm the Unit Leader and Committee Chair will be filling out the Journey to Excellence form.

 Determine unit dues for 2015.

 Confirm unit leader roles for 2015. (See unit roster in packet for current names)

 Executive Officer of Charter Organization*

 Charter Organization Representative*

 Committee Chair *

 Unit Leader: Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Team Coach, Crew Advisor*

 Committee Members

 Develop plan to ensure all registered direct contact leaders have been position trained for their new role.

 Set up a meeting in the first week of December to get the Executive Officer approval of unit leaders and to sign the Charter. All * leaders above for 2014 should be in attendance including the Unit Commissioner.


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