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7. Get Signatures

 At the meeting set up as mentioned in step 3, get the signatures of :

 Executive Officer of the Charter Organization, on the front page of Charter packet.1. If the Executive Officer has changed from the previous year, cross off the incorrect name and legibly print in the name of the new person.2. If the Charter Organization address has changed, cross off the old address and legibly print the new address.

 Committee Chair will sign the bottom of the Direct Contact Leader Training Validation Report

 Unit Leader – Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor also on the front page

 If there is a new Charter Organization Representative (COR), it is recommended that the Executive Officer sign this adult application. The reason is that the COR represents the Executive Officer in all Scouting matters and the Executive should personally approve the application.

 New Adult applications must have 3 signatures; Charter Organization Representative signature, Committee Chair and the adult. The adult must also sign the disclosure/authorization form.


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