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Letter from Dan Beard Council:

We would like to share with you some upcoming changes regarding membership fees.  Last week Dan Beard Council leadership was informed that effective with unit rechartering in December and member enrollment on January 1, 2014, the National Office will be raising the registration fee on all members from $15 to $24.  For those who join after the beginning of the year, the fee will be prorated at $2 per month. This does include units with a December 31, 2013, expiration date. 

Please keep in mind - that 100% of the registration fee goes directly to the National Office and that Dan Beard Council does not keep any portion of these fees.

The national organization also emphasized that the Boy Scouts of America maintains a strong financial position. That in order to continue to deliver the nation’s foremost youth program, it is occasionally necessary to increase membership fees so that we can offset rising administrative costs and continue to provide the foremost resources available to members of the BSA.

Additionally, Dan Beard Council has learned that the participant insurance fee has increased in order to cover rising insurance premiums.  In addition to the membership registration fee that is transferred directly to the BSA National Council, each registered youth and adult pays an insurance fee to the Dan Beard Council that is used to help offset the cost of the Accident and Sickness Insurance and General Liability provided to all members.  Figuring in expected increases for 2014, the cost to the Council is expected to be $3.00 per member. 

For unit leaders who are actively preparing for 2014, this means the total cost of Scouting per member in 2014 will be $27.00.


As always, our focus is to build the future leaders of this country both locally and nationally by combining adventure, educational activities, and lifelong values. The fee increase is a step we must take in order to continue providing the services you and our members expect and need. With your help and that of each of our volunteers and Scouting parents, we will continue accomplishing incredible things for young people and the communities we serve.
Membership fee increase letter from the National Office

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