Scout Achievement Center Usage Guidelines


sac_logoThe Scout Achievement Center (SAC) offers four conference rooms  and two small huddle rooms available for use by your unit, committee, or community orginization. In order to best serve all groups interested in making use of these facilities, the following guidelines have been established. It is the expectation for all users of the building that they be aware of these guidelines and strive to be considerate of other groups by adhering to them.  Please share the applicable guidelines with other members of your group. By being good Scouts and good stewards, we can all enjoy the continued shared use of the wonderful SAC facilities. Remember, a Scout is Helpful, Courteous, Obedient, and Clean.


Reservation Guidelines:

  • First priority of reservations goes to council and district events, followed by Scouting units, and then by community organizations. This priority system is in place to serve the greatest postion of the Scouting population and give preference to Scouting units.
  • Scouting unit meetings can begin to be scheduled 12 months out from the meeting date. Council and district events are scheduled more than 12 months out in order to be set prior to opening reservations to Scouting units. Scouting unit reservations are first-come, first-served once they are available.
  • Community organization meetings can begin to be scheduled 6 months out from the meeting date. This allows Scouting units to have priority scheduling while still allowing reasonable lead time for community organizations. Community organization meetings are subject to approval by council staff and are made on a first-come, first-served basis once they are available.
  • Reservations for for-profit businesses are limited. Please contact the Meeting Manager for more information.
  • Groups are encouraged to make occasional use of the SAC facilities; however, the SAC should not serve as a regular meeting place. This policy is in place to allow as many units as possible the opportunity to use the facility as well as encourage relationships between units and their chartered organizations.
  • No reservation is considered confirmed until directly confirmed by the Meeting Manager. Sorry, we cannot "pencil in" reservations.
  • Please call to cancel your reservation if you will not be using the facility.  Groups that fail to cancel a reservation are at risk of losing SAC usage privileges.
  • Inclement weather can sometime close the SAC. If the SAC is not available, you will be notified. Also, a general voice message will be placed on the main phone number at (513) 577-7700.


Usage Guidelines:

  • All groups using a room will return the room to the same or better state and condition as it was found. Please see the individual room "post-meeting cleaning instructions" for the expectations for each room. A minimum $50 cleaning fee will be charged to a group if a room is not left in its original clean condition, with additional fees assessed as necessary to compensate for staff time and cleaning materials or services.
  • Groups are responsible for the cleaning and condition of other areas of the facility used by their group beyond what was reserved. Please pay special attention to the Scout Tower, Reverent Room, restrooms, and other public areas your group may have used.
  • Any items not originally in the rooms should be removed. Please pay special attention to the podiums, catering kitchen, and cabinets where items are often left.
  • All materials needed to your function should be supplied by your group. This may include silverware, serving utensils, coffee, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, flipcharts, easels, etc.
  • Please do not bring colored drinks (red pop, grape juice, etc.). Try to stay with light colored drinks (lemonade, tea, etc.).
  • We strongly encourage you to visit the Scout Achievement Center prior to your event.  This will help to ensure you are aware of the mechanics of the room and audio/video equipment. Contact the Meeting Manager to find a good time to visit.
  • Connected audio/video cables and wiring should not be disconnected, pulled or moved. Do not move the podiums, as they house connections for A/V equipment and will permanently damage connection jacks.
  • Groups are responsible for any missing items or damage done to facilities or equipment that is not noted at the time of reservation. Any damage found will be charged to the group at the cost of repair or replacement. Excessive or willful damage will result in the group's forfeiture of SAC usage privileges.
  • Groups are expected to arrive and leave on time in consideration of other groups using the building. Staff cannot stay after reserved times and a group may be asked to leave if they stay beyond the time reserved.
  • If the SAC parking lot is full, staff will provide signs to direct your group to additional parking. Adjacent lots at the UAW Hall and Gorman Heritage Farm serve as additional parking for large events. You will be notified which lot to use.
  • Pets are prohibited in the building. Assistance animals are always permitted, however, we request you inform the Meeting Manager of this when making the reservation.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Please do not allow children to run free in the building. Staff will ask leaders to provide supervision to any children that are unsupervised. Please realize that many times when a room is reserved, the SAC is also open for business or other groups may be using the building. It is important that children's activities remain contained to your group's reservation site.
  • Hanging anything from the walls is prohibited. Do not make any permanent installations of decorations or materials that may damage the paint or finish. Taping on the walls may be permitted, but please discuss this with the Meeting Manager.
  • Candles and any type of open flame are not permitted. While we know this may be an element of many ceremonies or activities, there are good alternatives that many groups have enjoyed and we can share with you.
  • Please secure all balloons. Balloons should be weighted down and removed when you leave. Free-floating balloons can cause the motion sensor security alarms to activate when the room is not in use.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside any part of or in front of the SAC. A designated smoking is available on the east side of the building beyond the dumpster enclosure. Thank you helping set a good example for our Scouts.
  • Alcohol is prohibited at all Boy Scouts of America facilities.
  • Use only dry-erase markers on the whiteboards. Use only the whiteboard cleaner provided, as these are special whiteboard walls that can be damaged by other cleaners.
  • Groups are responsible for providing their own A/V and IT support. While staff will do their best to assist with A/V and technical issues, in general, staff cannot provide IT support during non-business hours. We strongly encourage you to test your laptop and other equipment prior to your reservation. Please see the Audio/Video Capabilities page for more details.
  • Please be good neighbors. When other groups are sharing the facility, please be considerate of noise levels.


Individual Room Usage:

Please be aware of the amenities, details, and post-meeting cleaning instructions expected for each room. Click on a room for more information:

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