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Commitment to Green Education

As part of the Dan Beard Council's continuing effort to educate others on green building operations, sustainability, and environmental consciousness, we encourage you to learn more about the green features exemplified in the SAC. Here's a list of sustainable ideas that can be applied to a new building project or into your daily life:

  • Research plants native to your geographic region, or ecoregion. Maps of various ecoregions are available from organizations such as the Nature Conservancy.
  • Do an online search for commercial bike racks to research models and pricing that are a fit for your organization.
  • Obtain signage and designate parking for fuel efficient vehicles. Find out if your car qualifies for the fuel efficient parking space at
  • Consider creating a commissioning plan to catch potential glitches the next time new equipment is installed. Also, schedule an internal training session to help prevent user error.
  • Consider purchasing motion sensors for your exterior lighting to save energy.
  • Contact your local waste and recycling provider to learn more about recycling pick-up services in your area.
  • Identify an area on your building site that could serve as a designated smoking area. Make sure it is at least 25 feet from the building.
  • Consider adding entrance mats to your facility. Be sure to put a cleaning plan in place or find a company that will clean and maintain the floor mats as well.
  • Talk to your current pest management provider about integrating preventative evaluations with low-impact solutions for treatment.
  • Ask your current cleaning vendor if they have “green” products available.

On the pages that follow, you can learn about possibilities for green living and building from some of the features incorporated into the SAC...

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