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Innovation and Design Process

Going "green" goes beyond just the construction of a building, it also includes ongoing educational and maintenance programs that take place post-construction. The SAC developed many of these programs, including the following:


Integrated Pest Management Program

Description: Implemented a pest management program that integrates inspections (for pest prevention) with a minimal amount of chemicals (for pest problems).

Benefit: By using an integrated approach, exposure to harmful chemicals is reduced.

Tip to get started: Talk to your current pest management provider about integrating preventative evaluations with low-impact solutions for treatment.


Green Education

Description: Created a self-guided tour of the SAC with a field guide that highlights "green" features of building, and developed a report summarizing "green" features of building that other councils may use as an educational tool for their own efforts.

Benefit: The SAC can help educate its constituents how and why to create a "green" building.

Tip to get started: In the building design phase, consider adding features that are conducive to creating a self-guided tour to help educate scouts, volunteers and staff about building "green."


Green Housekeeping

Description: Used Green Label certified products for housekeeping.

Benefit: The products used for housekeeping are concentrated, so less packaging is used and the impact on the environment is reduced.

Tip to get started: Ask your current cleaning vendor if they have "green" products available.


Exemplary Performance

Description: The SAC achieved exemplary performance in the following categories:

Sustainable Sites - Credit 7.1 (Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof)

LEED® requirement: 50 percent reflective paving

SAC achieved: 100 percent reflective paving

Water Efficiency - Credit 3 (Water Efficiency)

LEED® requirement: 30 percent efficiency

SAC achieved: 41 percent efficiency

Tip to get started: From the project inception to execution, document the process noting item(s) that exceed LEED requirement(s).


LEED® Accredited Professional

Description: Received direction and support from LEED Accredited member of the project team.

Benefit: LEED requirements are more easily understood and interpreted by working with a LEED Accredited participant.

Tip to get started: Find out how to become LEED Accredited by visiting the U.S. Green Building Council web site at

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