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Excitement, Moving, and Opening

With all of these tangents of the SAC project coming together in the spring of 2009, the excitement was overwhelming. Volunteers, staff, and the public were curious about this astounding achievement to be opened that summer. To ease the anticipation (or perhaps add to it!), a live camera feed was provided by Conexio, so anyone could watch the live progress of the construction via the internet 24-hours a day (when two construction port-o-lets blocked the view of the front of the building, they were quietly moved).

The council's Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet was held next door at the UAW Hall in April, providing many volunteers with their first tour of the building. Still three months out from the actual opening, lucky visitors got to see the construction in progress and imagine what was still to come. Tour groups were led through the building, giving them insight into the design decisions and new features.

sac_movingFinally, June came and Messer Construction declared the construction was complete. And for a month the building sat! One critical component of the green construction was still to accomplished, a full air-flush of the building to remove particulates and construction agitants. For two weeks, the building was sealed and the air left to settle and recycle. Final punch list items were identified and completed as the air-flush would allow, including more graphic design, furniture installation, and IT work.

Meanwhile, the council staff at Victory Parkway prepared for a massive move and shift in operations. Desks were packed up, storage rooms cleared out, and all of the junk collected over 30 years was removed. The Tri-County office and Scout Shop was packed up in a POD and hauled to the new SAC site. A thorough cleaning happened next, preparing the building for the new owners, Coho Creative. Moving day came on July 10, and five moving trucks hauled the council's equipment, records, supplies, and historical items to the new building. Staff were given maps so they could find their desks (and each other!) and the process of unpacking, filing, searching, and finding was underway.

sac_staffwelcomeOn July 13, 2010, the Scout Achievement Center opened its doors for the first time. The staff gathered early in the morning for a brief toast (with sparkling grape juice, of course!), prayer, and a few words looking towards the future of service to Scouting in a new era. Moments later, the doors were opened, and the SAC went live.

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