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Technology and Green Construction

As part of the project vision, the SAC was designed to be prepared for the next 100 years of Scouting. This meant that the information technology to be used in the facility was to be state-of-the-art and future-ready, and that the building itself would be environmentally responsible and sustainable.

The technology would not only be used by the staff and in office operations, but by volunteers and the general public in the meeting spaces. Over 150 internet ports were scattered throughout the building and wireless internet is broadcast across the facility. Thousands of yards of Cat. 6 wind their ways through the walls and ceilings (and thanks to a donation, all of it bright pink!), connecting the computers, phones, lighting, door, and heating systems. Twenty-three flat panel TVs are incorporated in the branding and provided in the conference rooms. Each meeting area was designed with full audio/video capabilities. This massive inclusion of technology means the building is networked together unlike most buildings and prepared to handle whatever the future may bring. Nearly every operational component of the facility can be controlled remotely, providing great flexibility on how the staff can support volunteer usage.

sac_roofThe goal to achieve LEED certification influenced nearly every decision of the project. Natural materials, many of them local, were used in construction accounting for the great amount of wood, glass, and stone. The angle of the building was chosen to provide the most amount of natural light, decreasing energy consumption. The slope of the roof and parking lot were designed to diffuse sunlight, reducing the "heat island" effect and provide a more natural rainwater runoff system. The roof itself is surpsingly white, helping to increase the energy efficiency of cooling systems by reflecting sunlight (and making it easy to find from an airplane!).

The project incorporated numerous requirements that led to the Silver Level LEED certification, including a continuing education program that influences the cleaning and maintenance operations of the building today and is intended to inspire others to use these techniques in their own lives. Learn about the green elements of the SAC by clicking here.

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